Episode 91: The Climbing Athlete with Natasha Barnes

Are you a healthcare professional wanting to be more involved climbers? Are you a climber that is frustrated with injuries wanting to know how to get stronger specifically for climbing and how chiropractors and physical therapists can help?! 

Natasha has been rock climbing for 23 years, and a professional climber for many of those years. Through her own injuries & frustrations, she made the decision to pursue a healthcare profession to advocate for other climbers and associated injuries. 

Come listen to Natasha’s journey through climbing, weightlifting, and powerlifting and why she chose to become a Chiropractor. She answers all questions regarding common climbing injuries, how to achieve graded exposure in climbing rehabilitation, and how other rehab professionals can be more aware of how to help the climbing world! 

Connect with Natasha:
IG: @natashabarnes 

Website: natashabarnesrehab.com

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Audio production by John Summerford