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Episode 12: Urinary Incontinence in Athletes: The common, but not commonly talked about dilemma

In this episode, we are joined by Meryl Alappattu, DPT, PhD to discuss current evidence and management of urinary incontinence.

– How common is it, and why isn’t it talked about more?
– Evidence-based treatment
– Considerations for athletes
– Resources and referral systems

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Episode 11: (In)effectiveness of Knee Scopes: When Sounding Good Isn’t Good Enough

Arthroscopic knee surgery is common, but is it warranted? Today we are joined by Sydney-based Orthopedic surgeon and researcher, Dr. Ian Harris.

Dr. Harris discusses the evidence-practice gap regarding the use of arthroscopic knee surgery and provides insight into how we can improve the system. We discuss one of Dr. Harris’ research papers – in which there was a strong recommendation AGAINST the use of arthroscopy in nearly all patients with degenerative knee disease.

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Episode 10: Knee Valgus: Much About Nothing?

What is knee valgus? When is it a mechanism of injury and when is it not? Does it matter in the squat? In this episode, we welcome Sam Spinelli, DPT to discuss these questions and more.

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