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Episode 57: Placebo in Sports Medicine & Athletic Performance with John Kiely: Part 2

What is placebo? Is it a “real” phenomenon? Can we harness it for the athlete’s benefit? Should we? We welcome world-renowned coach and lecturer John Kiely back onto the show to discuss these things and much more.

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Episode 37: Using Emerging Strategies in Powerlifting Programming with Mike Tuchscherer (Part 2)

How do we minimize assumptions and simplify the powerlifting programming process? How do we maximize progress for the individual? How can we minimize uncertainty when peaking for competition? What does “fatigue” actually mean? We discuss these things and more with powerlifting coach and elite powerlifter Mike Tuchscherer.

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Episode 34: Powerlifting Coaching: A Constraints-Led Approach with Kevin Cann (Part 2)

How do we incorporate dynamical systems theory into powerlifting? Are common practices like structured training blocks and planned deload weeks the best approach? How can we modify training variables to address limitations and improve lifting performance? How are injuries best managed in this system? We discuss these topics and much more with powerlifting coach, Kevin Cann.

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Episode 31: Do our rehab clients NEED strength training? With Dr. Scotty Butcher

Show Notes:
Is strength often the missing ingredient in therapeutic exercise programming? Is “training for the sport of life” equal to “train your rehab clients like athletes”? We discuss these things and much more with Dr. Scotty Butcher, along with his latest research on lumbar spine mechanics in squatting and deadlifting.

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