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Episode 29: Training Load Markers and What We Need to Know with Franco Impellizzeri, PhD

What are internal and external training load markers? What is important information to track with our athletes, and what is fluff? How can we best use the evidence to guide our sports medicine decisions?
We discuss these topics and much more with performance coach and researcher Franco Impellizzeri.
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Episode 28: Returning Our Athletes to Sport: The Good, The Bad, and What We’re Missing with Dr. Mike Reiman

What are the key elements for a successful return to sport? What elements seem to be lacking in the research for both the hip and the knee? What does “return to sport” really mean, and what are the difficulties in reporting it?
We welcome Dr. Mike Reiman, a faculty member at Duke University and clinical researcher, onto the show, to discuss these topics and more.
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Episode 27: Creating Positive Change in Healthcare With Zak Gabor

What are the current issues affecting healthcare? How can we help change the culture and improve patient care? We discuss these things and much more with Zak Gabor of The Level Up Initiative.
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