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Episode 87: The NEW “Nameless Series” with John and Jared

Ever dive into the research for a whole weekend and then just had NoOoO idea how to apply it to your client on Monday morning? Or even better, you figure out how to apply it and quickly realize it just didn’t work? 

Maybe you’re an athlete who is having a hard time digesting all the info regarding training and injuries on the good ole’ internet?

This show is for you.

John and Jared have been reflecting on their own experiences and the conversations they’ve had with previous ClinicalAthlete Podcast guests. They’ve gained tons of insights as both coaches and athletes because of this, but they knew that a lot of coaches and athletes were still struggling to make sense of it all.

Enter The Nameless Series!

(Don’t worry, YOU’RE going to help us name it!)

This is a laid-back, informal series all about how to blend being a coach and an athlete, helping you and your athletes perform better, and finding comfort in the “grey area”. The guys want to use this show to pass on what they’ve learned so far and what they’re learning now, so you can learn from it too. They’ll be bringing on influential guests from the athletic and coaching worlds that have wisdom to share – you’ll probably recognize some of them!

During this very first episode, John issues a “hair-off” challenge to Omar Isuf!

The duo also talk about how much they love watching the little wins with their athletes and getting to know them more than just an athlete. They emphasize the importance of finding that blend of using the scientific-research but also connecting on a deeper level with your athletes and coaches.

Make sure to keep an eye on John, Jared, and ClinicalAthlete’s Instagrams to vote for a name to this new series! 

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Episode 86: The Student Shenanigans with Logan Benjamin

Welcome back to the ClinicalAthlete Student Shenanigans!

On this week’s episode, we have Logan Benjamin, a chiropractic student and dad to a really cute golden retriever. 

Logan speaks on how he has tried to overcome the “old-school” mindset of chiropractic school, finding the right mentor, and how extracurricular groups have made a difference in his education and experiences. If you’re a chiropractic/DPT student looking for some advice on how to get involved with mentorships and other groups that help you grow, GO LISTEN! 

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Episode 85: Behind the Scenes of CALU Summit 2021 with Founders Quinn Henoch, Steph Allen, and Zak Gabor

What is the mission behind the CALU Summit, and why is it so special? 

In this episode, Quinn, Steph, and Zak go hard on what the CALU Summit is all about, and why it’s an experience that you don’t want to miss out on. 

We are so stoked about this year’s lineup of speakers and some changes that we’ve made to the format to make it even better than last year. 

Listen in for the deets, and we will see you there!

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