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Episode 23: Physique Athletes – Injury Risk & Psychological Factors with Eric Helms

Competition prep for physique athletes is hard. Why do injury rates seem to be higher during this time? What are the optimal training and nutritional strategies when preparing for a show? Are all types of cardio created equal? Is cardio necessary at all for a show-prep cut? We welcome internationally recognized coach, competitor, and researcher Eric Helms, PhD onto the show to discuss these topics and more.

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Episode 22: Q&A Series #5 Student Edition with Nate Wong

In this episode, we welcome Student Physical Therapist Nate Wong onto the show to talk about the student experience and answer questions from the ClinicalAthlete Community!
Topics Covered:
– 7:13: Handling resistance from professors and peers
– 19:46: How can professionals better support students
– 29:08: Balancing curriculum information with other knowledge
– 45:55: How does strength & conditioning knowledge help you in school
– 49:50: Tips for the graduate school interview process
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Episode 21: Interpreting Research & Setting Goals For Diet & Training with Dr. Melissa Davis

What are the important things to look for when interpreting research? What can we take from research conclusions? What are strategies to setting realistic goals for diet and training? We discuss these things and much more with Dr. Melissa Davis of Renaissance Periodization.
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