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Episode 46: Reconditioning The Injured Athlete: Principles > Methods with Jarred Boyd

Why is it important to understand rehab and training principles rather than memorizing methods? What are the important principles, and how do we implement them during the rehab process? We discuss these things and much more with Physical Therapist and Strength & Conditioning coach Jarred Boyd.

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Episode 45: Reconciling Biomechanics with Pain Science with Greg Lehman

Awareness of the ‘science of pain’ seems to have increased over the last several years (a good thing!). With the understanding that “psychosocial” factors may play a role in the experience of pain, what role does biomechanics play? Do biomechanics matter in terms of managing the pain experience for our athletes? If so, how and when? We discuss these things and more with internationally recognized clinician and educator, Greg Lehman.

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Episode 44: Injuries in Powerlifting: Crunching The Numbers with Andrew Patton

How prevalent are injuries in powerlifting? Is there a difference between male and female? Does having a pre-existing training limitation increase your risk of injury? Are there other risk factors to consider? We ask these questions and discuss the answers with PhD candidate Andrew Patton, as he dissects his longitudinal study on powerlifting injures.

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Episode 43: Pain: Moving Beyond The BioPsychoSocial Model

The biopsychosocial model is currently the gold standard with which we understand pain. However, are there limitations? Is it being misinterpreted? How can we continue to improve upon it, and further our understanding of the complexity of pain?
In this episode, we are joined by pain researchers Peter Stilwell and Katherine Harman, to discuss their recent paper, titled: “An Enactive Approach To Pain: Beyond The Biopsychosocial Model”. This was a thought provoking discussion about the questions above, and much more.

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Episode 42: The Rise of the Masters Athlete: Redefining what it means to be “older” with Christina Prevett

Is training and rehab for our Masters athletes really that much different? What are the common misconceptions and legitimate considerations when working with our older athletes? We welcome Christina Prevett, MScPT, PhD(c) onto the show to discuss these topics and more!

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