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Episode 89: Return to Sprinting with Dan Lorenz

Have we been using objective measures to decide when patients can get back to sprinting or are we blindly following a timeline? Have our previous “protocols” been sensitive to those providers and athletes without the new up-to-date technologies and resources?

Dan Lorenz, DPT, PT, ATC, LAT, CSCS, the director of sports medicine at Lawrence Memorial Hospital/OrthoKS in Lawrence, KS currently and a background in much more, is answering these questions and many more! Specifically in this episode, the ClinicalAthlete team dives into his Criteria-Based Return to Sprinting Progression publication, how it came about and what are the most important aspects to understand. He answers all questions about what the criteria looks like, personal experiences of where the usual progressions may not be appropriate for different reasons, the differences between being medically cleared and physically cleared, and much more! 

AND as a bonus: Dan gives some great advice about BBQ that you CANNOT miss. 

Publication that we discussed:

Dan’s ResearchGate Page:

Enjoy, listeners!

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Episode 88: The CALU Clinical Files with Quinn and Steph

Quinn and Steph are starting another NEW series on the ClinicalAthlete Podcast! 

Welcome to The CALU Clinical Files.

To all you listeners (yes all 6 of you), you DON’T want to miss this.

Quinn and Steph are starting this series to dive into some of their real life cases in which they have navigated some unknowns and come out on the other side to really have a positive effect on their client’s lives (pretty much they are just crushing it and want to brag!). 

Steph, as you all know, is on the Level Up “side of things” and a HUGE part of the CALU merger. She is passionate (and very good at) ACL rehabilitation and is currently working out of Boston PT and Wellness. 

On this episode, Steph describes a case about a rockstar high-school senior who is a competitive skier and unfortunately tore his ACL on the slopes. Post-surgery, Steph tested his quad Limb Symmetry Index (LSI) at the following timestamps with subjective reports:

3 months: Quad LSI approx. 60%-feeling GOOD

6 months: Quad LSI approx. 90%- followed up with anterior knee pain and reports of it feeling…. “wobbly”. 

Cue tears?!

Come listen to find out what exactly was going on and how Steph navigated the reports of pain and discomfort!! 

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