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Episode 6: Debate Series #1: Bio vs. Psychosocia

In the first edition of the ClinicalAthlete debate series, we are joined by Dr. William Brady, DC of:

During this professional debate, we discuss the biopsychosocial model of pain and injury. What effect does a clinician have on the “bio”? When and how should the “psychosocial” element be addressed? Should we take a “structuralist” or “pain science” approach when diagnosing and managing injury? Is it a dichotomy?

We also discuss, at length, the existence and management of fascial adhesions. What are adhesions? Can we identify them with palpation? Can we make structural changes with manual interventions?

We would like to thank Dr. Brady for coming on this show. Professional discussion and debate is what helps to push our fields forward. To suggest future debate topics or possible guests, please use the contact email below.

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