Episode 92: The CALU Clinical Files with Quinn and Steph

Just to remind all you listeners, Quinn and Steph have started this new series to dive into the details about some of their own clinical cases. 

Quinn, one of the leaders of all the craziness that ClinicalAthlete is, also does some pretty cool things clinically. His office is inside of a weightlifting gym, so naturally, he specializes in working with barbell sport athletes. 


A female weightlifter, powerlifter, Strongman competitor, gym-owner and coach (woah!) recovering from a concussion. 

She is having troubles with her ability to exert force against external load and is finding some positional boundaries due to onset of concussive symptoms that can last a day or two. 

How do you begin graded exposure if there are no preceding factors to tell if symptoms are about to take over?

Steph speaks on the importance of a clinician’s confidence in situations like this and how it can make the programming you provide for your client even more effective.  

Happy listening!

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