Episode 90: The Student Shenanigans with Andrea Farmer

Welcome back to the ClinicalAthlete Student Shenanigans!

On this week’s episode, we have Andrea Farmer, current DPT student at the University of North Florida.

Unfortunately within healthcare, burnout and losing the passion for your field is not uncommon, not only in the working world but even throughout school prior to getting your first job! Andrea had a brilliant idea to start with the HoneyBadger project to start her own business that helps healthcare students progress on mindset, physical activity, and stress management to try to prevent burnout and to maintain their passion. 

She discusses how being a student, commuter, wife, AND business owner takes discipline and passion.

If you’re a student/ new grad, come listen to all her tips and tricks to fuel your passion and stay healthy! 


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Audio edited by John Summerford