Episode 81: Science to Practice: All Things Injury Modeling with Judd Kalkhoven- Part 2

Judd Kalkhoven IS BACK for part two!! 

Judd is a PhD candidate, lecturer and researcher in exercise and sports science at the University of Technology Sydney, with a primary focus in Biomechanics. In this episode, he dives into load & injury management with the Clinical Athlete team. He speaks on what clinicians should take into consideration when using applied research to dictate their decision to decrease load with their athletes. He emphasizes the uncertainty of athletic injury and how clinicians and organizations need to embrace this more often! 

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Judd’s publications discussed:
1. A conceptual model and detailed framework for stress-related, strain-related, and overuse athletic injury
2. Training Load and Injury: Causal Pathways and Future Directions
3. Training load error’ is not a more accurate term than ‘overuse’ injury

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Audio production by John Summerford