Episode 80: Science to Practice: All Things Injury Modeling with Judd Kalkhoven- Part 1

Tissue Mechanics? Athletic Injury? Conceptual Frameworks? 

PhD Candidate, lecturer and researcher Judd Kalkohoven out of Sydney, Australia gets on the podcast to answer all questions about tissue mechanics, training load, all things athletic injury and how he feels pain fits into his definition of injury! Specifically in this episode, the ClinicalAthlete team discusses with Judd the contents of his conceptual model for stress and strain related injuries.  This is part one of a two part series.

Stay tuned for part two! 

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Judd’s publications discussed:
1. A conceptual model and detailed framework for stress-related, strain-related, and overuse athletic injury
2. Training Load and Injury: Causal Pathways and Future Directions
3. Training load error’ is not a more accurate term than ‘overuse’ injury

Judd’s Google Scholar Page

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Audio production by John Summerford