Episode 53: The Lost Art: Rehabilitation and Training For The Performing Arts with Jacob Manley

It’s less common in the performing arts sphere to think about dancers and musicians as “athletes”; but physiology is physiology. We welcome onto the show, Jacob Manley, to discuss the nuance and special considerations when managing these athletes. This is a topic that has not been discussed on the podcast before, and Jacob brought some really interesting insight. In addition to being a Physical Therapist, Jacob is a graduate of Shenandoah University’s Performing Arts Medicine program where he studied to specialize in rehabilitation for dancers and musicians.

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Here is the research that we discussed on rehab and training for the performing arts:
1. The Relationship Between Muscular Strength and Dance Injuries: A Systematic Review
2. Physiological Fitness and Professional Classical Ballet Performance: A Brief Review
3. Resistance Training for Pediatric Female Dancers
4. The Dancer as a Performing Athlete

You can find other resources on athlete health and performance posted on the ClinicalAthlete website for free, inside of the ClinicalAthlete Forum, at our courses, and through ClinicalAthlete Coaching!