Episode 96: All Things Hip With Joanne Kemp

On this episode we dive into the following topics with Joanne Kemp:

  1. Outcomes of hip arthroscopies for labral tears and FAI
  2. Statistics of hip pathologies in symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals 
  3. Importance of non-operative management and best practices for physio-led treatment of hip pain
  4. Thoughts about if diagnosing the exact pathology causing the hip pain even matters

Joanne Kemp, master of the hip, sports physiotherapist of 25+ years based in Australia, is currently participating in research for women’s sports and lower extremities out of La Trobe University. Her focus is around hip pain and FAI, she previously completed her PhD looking at hip arthroscopic surgery, what their outcomes were and how physiotherapists could change these outcomes. Currently, she is focusing on optimizing the non-operative plan for FAI at this time. On top of all of this greatness, she is still treating patients in the clinic with a focus of hip pain across the lifespan. 

If you are a student, clinician, or strength and conditioning coach wondering how to best educate your clientele about their hip pain and best program your patients- this episode is a must listen. 

For the future- Joanne has been running a large clinical trial for the last 3-4 years, a PhysioFirst study regarding what is best exercises and physio-led treatment for those with FAI. Keep your eyes peeled in 2022 for the results and discussion! 

Connect with Joanne:

Twitter: @joannelkemp
Email: j.kemp@latrobe.edu.au
GoogleScholar and ResearchGate page
La Trobe Sport and Medicine Research Center blog 

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Audio production by John Summerford