Episode 94: The Student Shenanigans with Andrew Gillihan

Welcome back to the ClinicalAthlete Student Shenanigans!

On this week’s episode, we have Andrew Gillihan with a background of a Master’s in Kinesiology and Behavioral Sciences and is now a current DPT student with a heavy interest in men’s pelvic floor and tactical athletes.

Are you in a PT or chiropractic program and feeling like you’re not treated like an adult and being forced to treat your professors as superiors that can affect the relationships and environment that you are learning in? Maybe you feel like these programs are too focused on the Board exams and not enough on the best and newest research and expectations of being in the “real-world”? 

If you are  a member of Clinical Athlete or Level Up, you are most likely a progressive thinker and find yourself extremely frustrated with the quality of most of these programs. Maybe even frustrated with some of your peers. Andrew and the CA Student Shenanigans crew dive into some of these common frustrations and ideas of how to gain the respect of your peers, professors and to start making a change in these programs. 

The team also dives into Andrew’s interest and his own business, Stoic Physical Therapy, that is built on stoicism and being a good human. He has started with the HoneyBadger Project and is serving veterans and military members, focusing on health, healing and wellness and diving into pelvic health within this population. 

Happy listening! 

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Audio edited by John Summerford