Episode 76: Bridging the Gap: Academics, Clinical Practice, and Burnout with Brendan DeForge

How do you manage the transition from a professional degree program, to practicing clinically? How do we the bridge the gap between what’s taught in academic institutions, what the evidence says, and what we see on a day to day basis as clinicians? It’s not an easy process by any means.

This week, Clinical Athlete Provider and Physical Therapist Brendan DeForge joins us to provide his insight and experiences transitioning from student to new grad, and everything in between. The crew discusses the valuable aspects of PT school, as well as facets that could be improved upon. Brendan also “keeps it real” and gives us his experience managing burnout as a student and clinician, and gives us his take on strategies he uses to continue to pursue self growth and stay passionate about the field.

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Audio Produced by John Summerford