Episode 74: Special Tests for the Shoulder. Not So Special? With Paul Salamh

How special are special tests for the shoulder? Are they valid? Do they aid us in providing an accurate diagnosis? How important is it to actually have an accurate diagnosis when it comes to shoulder pain? All these questions and more answered, in the latest edition of the podcast! 
Paul Salamh, DPT and Assistant Professor at the University of Indianapolis,  joins us to discuss his recent publication titled “It is Time to Put Special Tests for Rotator Cuff Related Shoulder Pain Out to Pasture.” Paul discusses with the crew the utility of these tests in clinical practice, his approach to assessing and treating individuals with shoulder pain, and the pursuit of continual growth as clinicians. 

Link to the paper: https://bit.ly/2IIWpXq

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Paul’s Twitter: @PaulieSalamh
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Paul’s Researchgate Page: https://bit.ly/38Z5Uwi

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Audio Produced by John Summerford