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Episode 21: Interpreting Research & Setting Goals For Diet & Training with Dr. Melissa Davis

What are the important things to look for when interpreting research? What can we take from research conclusions? What are strategies to setting realistic goals for diet and training? We discuss these things and much more with Dr. Melissa Davis of Renaissance Periodization.
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Episode 15: Developing Your Comeback Plan After Injury with Dr. Mike Israetel

In this episode, we welcome co-founder and Chief Sport Scientist of Renaissance Periodization, Dr. Mike Israetel, onto the show to discuss how to program your strength training when coming back from an injury. 

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Episode 14: Gender Differences in Resistance Training with Greg Nuckols

In this episode, we welcome strength coach and science aficionado Greg Nuckols onto the show. Greg discusses the similarities & differences between men and women regarding their responses to resistance training, based on fundamental physiology and a comprehensive overview of the scientific literature.

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Episode 9: Practical Periodization with Scot Morrison

How do we define and track “load” with progressive rehab? How do we organize the rehab plan while managing other athlete stressors?

In this episode of the ClinicalAthlete Podcast, we welcome Scot Morrison onto the show to discuss these topics, as well as:

-When is it better to strive for “good enough” rather than “optimal”
-Examples of feedback loops and metrics to track in order to keep the rehab plan on track
-Frequency of loading
-Loading tests for patients to gauge daily progress with tendinopathy
-Issues with exercise dosage in current rehab practices
-Issues with “predictive” models

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Episode 5: LTAD: Developing a Specialized Athlete Resilient to Acronyms

Are children specializing too soon? How early is too early to pick one sport? What can we do to foster long-term development? In this episode, we discuss youth athletic development and whether early sport specialization is a risk factor for our young athletes.

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